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00 — About

Hey, nice to meet you 👋🏼. My name is Jess Wallace - a Performance Marketing Analyst at William Hill helping turn data into insights

01 — Projects

When I'm not working the day job or spending time with the family, I'm usually found building something new. Here's some of the deployed projects:

As CoderStory is a platform to share your story and learn from the creator community around you. We want to create conversations that will not only provide knowledge and support for the makers of today, but for those who want to be inspired as the creators of tomorrow.

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Random Elon was a spontaenous and fun side project that Peter and I spun up in 60 minutes one evening back in 2019.

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02 — Writing on the Wall

March Madness

A reflection on the worldwide impact of COVID-19 over the last four weeks, and it's expected long term impact

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03 — Lets Talk

You'll find my digital breadcrumbs scattered across the internet, and likely able to find multiple ways to contact me. But here, I'll make it easy. The quickest way to get a response is to reach out on Twitter, I might not post regularly but I check it multiple times through the day (probably too much..). If Twitter isn't your thing, then feel free to drop me an email, I love having email penpals.

If you want to buy me a coffee (that might be spent on other drinks), then you can find my page here.