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We have entered a New Year and New Decade so it’s time to look forward to what 2020 and the next 10 years has to offer.

Reflecting on the Past

This has been an interesting year, and brought some major changes in my life both positive and negative. Here’s a quarter by quarter look on 2019:

Quarter One

  • Mum’s 50th Birthday Celebrations 🥳
  • Brother (Chris) Got Engaged 💍
  • Brother (Ben) Started His Sobriety Journey 🚫🍷
  • Friends Wedding in Cyprus 🇨🇾

Quarter Two

  • Family Wedding in Hertfordshire 🇬🇧
  • Trip to Edinburgh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  • ENGAGED!! 💍
  • Started Suffering With Severe Headaches 🧠
  • Family Wedding in London 🇬🇧

Quarter Three

  • Friends Wedding in London 🇬🇧
  • Headaches Diagnosed as Episodic Cluster Headaches 🧠
  • Friends Wedding in Hertfordshire 🇬🇧

Quarter Four

  • Bought Wedding Dress 👰🏻
  • Family Time with my Fiancee over the Holidays ❤️

Looking Forward

In 2020 and for the next decade I want to make some real improvements in my life – family, personal, career and business. Here’s what I would like to see when reflecting on this post in 365 days time:

Being more present

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last year being very out of touch with things that have been happening around me. I need to focus on the relationships in my life – fiancee, friends and family. I’ve wrapped myself up in so much work last year it made me sick and I couldn’t engage with anyone for almost three months outside of my family and some colleagues.

Take the pressure off

I have always set the bar incredibly high for myself in goals and ambitions, that I often feel a sense of disappointment with myself at various points in the year. I’m going to be focusing on some smaller milestones that are achievable but there just for me.

Committing my future

I can now officially say that I will be getting married this year. My wife to be is the most incredible woman that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and spending my time with – she’s hard working, incredibly protective and an all around amazing person. In 263 days I will be getting married and becoming Mrs Ahmet.

Aside from us getting married, we are now officially house hunting to find our first home that we can start to build and grow our own life in.

To End

This year isn’t about setting resolutions that are not achievable – I always want to improve my health, my wealth and my relationships but I do not need to add the pressure of a resolution to achieve these goals. These are things I have been wanting to improve over a period of time now.